Welcome to the Toronto Election Study 2014!

The Toronto Election Study (TES) is an academic study, similar to national or provincial election studies, aimed at understanding the attitudes and behaviour of voters and non-voters in the 2014 Toronto municipal election. This is a data-driven project that we hope will illuminate why eligible voters make the decisions they do about whether and how to vote, since municipal voting behaviour is not frequently studied in detail.

With the great interest in this particular election both within Toronto as well as elsewhere, conditions are ideal for a study like this one. We will perform a two-wave survey of Torontonians, with one wave of interviews during the campaign and another after the election. The results should be interesting for academics, political actors, journalists, and anyone else with an interest in Toronto politics.

We will be posting regular updates on our findings as the election nears, so don't forget to check our website frequently. You can also follow us on Twitter at @TOelectionstudy to get the latest updates right in your Twitter feed.